For you, it’s a
lifelong passion.
For us, it’s a job

with a future!

Teract Recrutement
Teract recrute

For you, it’s a
lifelong passion.
For us, it’s a job

with a future!

Our Purpose

Ensuring everyone
has access to the benefits
of nature

Teract - Un réseau novateur

TERACT is an innovative network of retailers and committed brands that operates in two strategic sectors:
garden centre/pet retail and food retail.

Creating a true-to-life garden with only a few flowers, knowing how to make your friends comfortable , whether they’re furry, feathered or scaled friends, sharing your tips with friends and family, selecting the best plants and make sure organic means good, beautiful…

To achieve that, we innovate every day to answer our customers’ expectations and help them make meaningful purchases.

But also to give our team members the ability to play an important role in our group’s environmental, social and governance objectives. We are… united by nature.

Teract - Acteurs d'un projet d'entreprise

500 seasonal positions
available every year




The strengths of a TERACT team member

Our values guide us, and we share them with you daily, across
our common managerial approach that brings us all together.

At TERACT, we are:

Teract - Simple


Simplify processes and interactions, easily communicate and demonstrate a clear sense of synthesis and analysis.

Teract - Authentique


Be transparent on a daily basis for internal and external interactions. Express feelings, ideas and opinions to create bonds and build healthy relationships with teams and customers.

Teract - Responsable


Get involved in the company’s missions and projects in order to improve individual and collective performances. Commit to respecting others, the company and its customers and Nature.

Teract - Audacieux


Bring forward new ideas and be innovative. Take initiatives, dare to take risks and be amenable to changes and unexpected challenges.

Access available positions
in stores and at headquarters

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