Teract - Pourquoi nous rejiondre ?

Welcome to our natural environment!

Teract Recrutement
Teract recrute

Teract - Pourquoi nous rejiondre ?

Welcome to our natural environment!

At the heart of TERACT ‘s development and investment philosophy is sustainable, alternative and responsible consumption, with a core principle: answer our customers’ expectations and help them make meaningful purchases.

Our employees and future team members are the best ambassadors to usher this transformation and guide our clients to ensure they have access to the benefits of nature.

Our commitments – to cultivate and grow better, produce better, eat better, sell better, buy better, garden better, live better with our pets – are also our brands’ commitments…
and maybe yours as well, soon, when you join TERACT .

Teract - Place à la consommation durable

Discover TERACT

Leader in responsible and
sustainable distribution

  • 9 major retailers

  • More than 1700 stores

  • 2 strategic sectors: gardening/pet stores and food retail
    4 exclusive brands: ECLOZ, INVIVO Nous on sème, PURE FAMILY, LES SENS DU TERROIR

  • More than 5400 passionate employees in stores, within our logistics hub and across our headquarters

  • Our Campus Nature & Talents : a unique corporate university that fosters the development of our employees' skill set with more than 5000 training programs available

  • A distinctive Workplace Health & Safety program that focus on our employees and places them at the forefront of the company's commitments

  • Strong internal mobility within the company: close to 50% of our management positions within our stores are filled with internal hires

Our promise

Teract - Vous faire grandir avec nous

Grow with you

Teract - Faire grandir vos compétences

At TERACT, we are committed to grow your skill set based on what deeply drives you – your personality, your values, your passions – in order to unleash your “profound nature.”

And we concretely give you all the means to do that.
With us, you are able to:

Align your work and your passions through training programs tailored to your needs and the possibility to grow via diverse career paths.

Have grand aspirations for nature and the environment, believe in and open up possibilities by joining this transformative, ambitious and innovative enterprise project.

Push boundaries by becoming an integral part of our innovative approach and significantly contributing to this project and its meaningful impact.

At TERACT, our teams are
united by a strong passion, which
is passed on to our customers.

Séverine DELEBARRE, Human Resources Director TERACT

Séverine DELEBARRE, Human Resources Director TERACT

A network of commited retailers

Teract - Un réseau d'enseignes engagées
An entrepreneurial mindset

Our motto: give our employees the ability to play a major role in our development by offering suggestions, innovating, growing… with, and just like us!


« The TERACT mindset? It’s an entrepreneurial mindset, with a lot of innovation and autonomy. We strive to be nimble, and take initiatives.

Mathieu Gaubert, Design & Engineering Director TERACT

A constantly evolving expertise

TERACT boldly works to transform and evolve our career opportunities

This transformation happens through the evolution of our expertise, through innovation!

It has led us to create and develop 4 exclusive brands: ECLOZ, INVIVO Nous on sème, PURE FAMILY, LES SENS DU TERROIR

4 connected brands, the stepping stone of our singularity, to demonstrate change to our clients.


“You will be an integral part of a company leading the charge in terms of innovation on the market.”

Mathieu GAUBERT, Design & Engineering Director, TERACT

Corporate responsibility at the heart of our strategy

In an effort to carry out our ambitions and serve our mission, we decided to place corporate social responsibility at the heart of our TERACT corporate strategy.

We’ve implemented the means to achieve the goals of this project: to bring nature into everyone’s daily life, a promise that becomes even more concrete every day.

Our strategy, which requires the complete commitment of every one of our employees, revolves around 3 principles:

RESPECT:  nature and preserve its resources


PROMOTE: the benefits of our nature-driven activities and initiatives, and give everyone access to them


INVOLVE: our employees and our partners to reach our ultimate goals.


Access available positions
in stores and at headquarters

Teract - Accédez à  nos offres d’emploi