Our retailers

and brands

TERACT is an innovative
network of committed retailers and brands
that operate in two strategic sectors:
garden centre/pet retail and food retail.

Our retailers

and brands

TERACT is an innovative network of committed retailers and brands that operate in two strategic sectors: garden/pet stores and food retail.

Garden centre / pet retail

with Jardiland, Gamm vert, Delbard, Jardineries du Terroir and Noé®, la Maison des Animaux

Food retail

with Boulangerie Louise, Grand Marché La Marnière, Frais d’ICI, Bio&Co

La jardinerie / animalerie

Garden centre / pet retail

with Jardiland, Gamm vert, Delbard, Jardineries du Terroir and Noé®, la Maison des Animaux

Food retail

with Boulangerie Louise, Grand Marché La Marnière, Frais d’ICI, Bio&Co

TERACT has over 5,400 passionate employees
and more than 1,700 local retail outlets.
TERACT can rely on a strong and unique local presence: 86% of the French population lives less than 20 minutes from one of our stores.

Garden centre & pet retail



Simple and essential well-being for all

Jardiland is the leader in garden centre, specializing in plants, pets and the art of living with nature. It has played an essential role in the lives of French people for 50 years.

Meilleur chaîne de magasins de l'année
Our mission?
  • Enabling everyone to cultivate their well-being at home by making the benefits of nature accessible to all.
  • 4,000* specialised committed and passionate employees

* with our franchise partners

Our promise?
  • Providing access to simple pleasures so customers can cultivate their well-being.
  • Offer expertise and support from our in-store teams
  • Turning our retail outlets into places of life, sources of inspiration and discovery, with tailor-made services.
  • As the leader in garden centres, specialising in gardening, pet supplies and lifestyle, Jardiland has played a central role in the lives of French consumers for over 50 years.
Gamm vert

Gamm Vert

Meilleur chaîne de magasins de l'année
The garden centre with agricultural roots
No. 1 on the local garden centre market in France with more than 1,100 outlets throughout the country, Gamm vert has deployed a dense territorial network around 3 shop formats:
  • Gamm vert Village: bringing life to rural areas
  • Gamm vert: the number one local garden centre in France
  • Gamm vert Nature: attractive garden centres
Our promise?
  • Improving access to self-production
  • Sharing the pleasure of self-production to reconnect with what truly matters
  • Passing on our passion and know-how to our customers

Gamm vert is also gammvert.fr, the most visited website on the garden market.




The brand of plant design

Delbard is a story of passion for the garden and a quest for harmony.
The garden centres belong to independent franchisees, some of whom are horticulturists who share their plant expertise.

Our mission?
  • Promoting the beauty of plants on a daily basis, so our customers can create an environment that resembles them, and that resembles us, based on know-how
  • Awakening all senses
Our promise?
  • Contributing to the creativity and fulfilment of every customer
  • Offering an inspiring and modern experience
  • Becoming experts in plants, together


Jardineries du Terroir

Jardinerie du terroir


Quality label

Created by 4 garden professionals, Jardineries du Terroir’s offer is centred around plants, pets and decoration. These garden centres are owned by independent affiliates, some of whom are horticulturists.


Our promise?
  • Offering a selection of quality plants and a range of garden products accessible to all
  • Asserting the values of an independent and local garden centres network
Noé®, la Maison des Animaux
Noé®, la Maison des Animaux


A new concept of pet shop

A community-based concept, led by passionate advisors who guide our customers in their purchases


Our mission?
  • Bringing animal lovers together
  • Allowing customers to easily express a need, share an idea or ask a question regarding their little companion
Our promise?
  • Creating a shop where animals are kings and where their owners can find everything they need for their well-being
  • Offering a unique experience
  • Providing bespoke services, animations and creative workshops

Food retail

Boulangerie Louise

Boulangerie Louise


Boulangerie Louise is the first network of artisanal bakeries in the Hauts-de-France region. Created in 2010 by bakers based on an innovative concept reinventing the traditional bakery, with a modern design, an open laboratory with kneaders and ovens, quality ingredients, a unique yeast for delicious bread and a wide range of products to offer the best value for money.
Over 130 bakeries were born, driven by the passion of more than 1,500 employees and serving thousands of customers every day.


Our mission?
  • Inventing the artisanal bakery of tomorrow for our customers, our bakers and agricultural stakeholders
  • Supporting wheat producers and promoting agricultural know-how, working in close relation with farmers and millers
  • Restoring value to baking craftsmanship
  • Feeding customers with quality bread at competitive prices
Our promise?
  • Always warm bread and quality products for our pastries, cakes and snacks
  • A wide range of products to cover all consumption moments
  • Unbeatable value for money, to feed all French customers
  • A warm welcome and friendly advice to discover our latest innovations
Grand Marché La Marnière

Gamm Vert

A unique customer experience built around the richness of the land, the authenticity of the products and the craftsmanship.


The best fresh produce is rigorously sourced from local producers thanks to the know-how of the passionate men and women who run our fresh markets in a large covered hall.

Grand Marché offers a wide range of fresh produce, including fruit and vegetables, butchery, poultry, delicatessen, fishmongers, cheeses, dairy products and wines. The products – quality, freshness, authenticity and price – are always at the heart of the Grand Marché experience.

Our mission?
  • Reinventing food retail by putting back fresh produce and the customer at the heart of our approach
  • Selling fresh, authentic, quality products at prices in line with French customers’ purchasing power
  • Offering favourable conditions to producers and suppliers, in a spirit of sharing value and promoting know-how

Our promise?
  • A whole world of fresh produce available in a single place, with a rigorous selection process and a traditional market hall atmosphere
  • Wide ranges of products, for all budgets and with excellent value for money
  • Skilled and knowledgeable people who love their products and their customers
  • A close relationship with producers and suppliers
Frais d’ICI

Frais d'ici

Eat fresh, buy local

Proximity: more than 70% of products sold come from your region and its surrounding areas
Traceability: behind every product, there is a producer, a group of producers, a territory
Taste : Frais d’ICI favours local production and only sells fruit and vegetables that are in season
Fair price: by opting for short food channels, Frais d’ICI offers the fairest price both for you and for the region’s producers

Our mission?
  • Offering quality local products that are accessible to all so that we can all eat healthier every day
  • Rebuilding the connection between producers and consumers
Our promise?
  • Giving priority to local products
  • Promoting sharing, as the community is involved in the choice of product supply
  • Focusing on taste, as all products are tasted beforehand by our teams




Local partners and optimal product quality


A committed player in the organic food sector for 20 years, Bio&Co has remained a family business and developed close relationships with the main stakeholders in organic food channels. The products are mainly procured in France, with a regional preference and always striving to please the customers in terms of quality and taste at an accessible price. BIO&CO aims to promote access to quality organic products for all while giving special care to how customers are received in its retail outlets.


Our mission?
  • Satisfying our customers in terms of quality and taste with an affordable price policy
  • Promoting access to organic food for all
  • Paying special attention to our customers
Our promise?
  • Building our development on the partnerships with our suppliers
  • Guaranteeing fresh and diverse products
  • Focusing on traditional products with the butcher and fresh produce sections

Exclusive product brands

TERACT also designs and distributes its own products through its brands:

The cornerstone of our retailers’ offering: 4 exclusive brands that are available only in our outlets and designed to meet our customers’ needs.

By creating new products that combine affordability, ease of use and eco-design, these 4 brands reinforce TERACT‘s position as a major player in responsible and sustainable distribution.



for decorative gardeners


Enjoying nature is great. Taking action so that everyone can access the benefits of nature by designing their own living environment is better!

This is ECLOZ’s mission. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced gardener, we are here to guide you in the realisation of your ideas for decorating and furnishing to help you reconnect with nature. Together, we innovate through an environmentally-friendly approach and seek to grow this beautiful community of decorative gardeners to promote well-being!


INVIVO Nous on sème

InVivo Nous on sème


for self-producers


A few carefully selected seeds, a promising seedling, a well-nourished soil, the right tools, some sunshine, some rain…
Thanks to nature and with us as partners, the joy of self-producing is finally accessible to all.



    Pure Family

    for animal lovers


    More than a brand, a community! With PURE FAMILY, beginners, enthusiasts and experts alike all have a role to play with designing new products and services. Everything is designed “by and for” this great community of pet lovers and we do everything we can to strengthen the bond between you and your pet, to promote happiness… and life!


    Les sens du terroir


    Because the land has everything to offer, LES SENS DU TERROIR takes you on a sensory exploration journey around the emblematic flavours of our French regions: quality products highlighting a specific region through a recipe, the know-how, the history or the ingredients’ origin. For our regions’ delicious treats to find their way to our plates!