Professional career
path and training:
together, let’s grow

our passions !

Teract Recrutement
Teract recrute

Professional career
path and training:
together, let’s grow

our passions !

Teract - Un réseau novateur

At TERACT, developing our employees’ skill set is one of our strategic pillars.

Our objective: to allow everyone to grow in order to fully contribute to the development and transformation of our company, but above all, of our society.

We are committed to respecting and giving your personality the ability to shine.


Teract - Incubateur de compétences

TERACT : career

At TERACT, we are committed to providing growth opportunities to our employees, through internal mobility and career evolution.

Teract - Faire grandir nos collaborateurs

An inspiring career path


Jardiland Store Director

What is your background?

Upon graduation, I started with a temporary position in the bird/rodent department. I have now worked at Jardiland for 13 years. I completely discovered what a profession of passion is!

« I fell in love with customer relations »



The atmosphere and work environment convinced me to stay. TERACT offers tremendous professional growth. I became sector manager pretty quickly, and built my own team to manage the plant department, and the adventure started that way. I was able to climb up the ladder and ultimately became Store Director. Today, I’m handling my 4th store thanks to the attentive support and continuous guidance of my managers.

How to be successful at TERACT?

Be resourceful and take initiatives! Bring energy and always be active!

Internal mobility


of our
Sector Managers

were hired internally


of our
Store Managers

were hired internally


of our
Store Directors

were hired internally


Teract - Campus
Campus Nature & Talents by TERACT: cultivate your professional growth

Campus Nature & Talents by Teract

« Our Campus is our first asset to professionalize every one of our positions in order to achieve customer satisfaction. »

Guillaume DARRASSE, Chief Operating Officer TERACT

Campus Nature & Talents, our corporate university: a unique experience!

Teract - L'université

Discover the Campus Nature & Talents by TERACT


In January 2022, we launched our corporate university: our Campus Nature & Talents by TERACT

This center of excellence captures innovation and allows employees to grow the skill set needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our key educational principle – to ensure our training programs answer our team members’ needs and expectations – is a collaborative structure with our employees. 

With our Campus Nature & Talents by TERACT, let’s cultivate our nature!

Teract - Lancement Campus Nature & Talents



Shared Services Center
One-on-one with…

Olivier CORTYL,
Career Development Director, TERACT


« The Campus Nature & Talents by TERACT serves our unique customer experience and the singularity of our retailers and brands!


It provides specific training to our managers on our management system, educate our employees on our products, omnichannel processes and our Workplace Health & Safety program.

And with our career hub, the Campus Nature & Talents offers innovative, digital and meaningful programs and learning methods, with a positive approach to nature.

Corporate responsibility at the heart of our strategy

With our Campus Nature & Talents by TERACT, even our training program is full of life. In-person training, mentoring program, virtual classes, webinars, e-learning, Learning Management Systems (LMS), mobile learning… our training program fully adapts to your background and your needs.



In 2021
Teract - RSEMore than 2000 employees trained (a 54% increase from 2020)
Teract - RSE5 700 training programs offered (a 115% increase from 2020)
Teract - RSEincluding 44% remote training (a 13% increase from 2020)
Teract - RSEmore than 1 300 interns trained
In 2022
Teract - RSETraining budget doubled

Access available positions
in stores and at headquarters

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